Visit to Renville Park & playground in Oranmore

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Visit to Renville Park & playground in Oranmore

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. It’s the start of a long weekend here and I took the kids and a few of their friends to Renville Park/playground in Oranmore yesterday. As it is the furthest away playground from where we live, we call it the “far away playground”. I was a bit apprehensive to head there with 5 boys (my own kids, two other 12 year old and a neighbour), but as it turns out it was all plain sailing. Pity I didn’t know about the little catering truck in front of the walled garden, I could have had a cup of tea whilst the kids were playing hide and seek 🙂  ( Note to self, bring my purse from the car next time ) Here are a few pictures of our trip.

picture of the boys and me in the car

There is a beautiful view from the parking lot, overlooking the Marina.

view over the Marina in RenvilleThe 5 boys on their way!5 boys on their way to the walled garden

We stopped off at the fitness equipment, they had great fun on all the equipment. I am hoping they’ll add equipment like that in Coole Park, it would be a nice activity to do.

Rueben on some of the fitness equipment

Image of the playground in the walled garden at Renville Park, Oranmore

Picture of Walled Garden Playground Renville Oranmore

So it looks like that pre- teens still enjoy playing hide-and-seek!

Hide and seek at Renville Park, Oranmore

The day started very wet, but by the time we arrived it was sunny( with some clouds) and apart from a short shower, we couldn’t have picked a better day to go to the “far away play ground”.

Today, Sunday, I ventured to cycle the Monastic Cycle tour,starting from Gort. Come back tomorrow to read my write up. All I can say now, I can barely walk !!!!

(Note many years later – I have done a lot of  cycling since I wrote this blogarticle – check out the trails/loops I have mapped so far, the monastic trail is on my list of loops to write up!)

Have a great weekend, wherever you are!





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