Mini- Greenway & Gort’s Golden Mile

My last post covered a little treasure in Gort, which I aptly called Gort’s Mini-Greenway. As it happens, this Greenway also connects to Gort’s Golden Mile, making it a loop.. Yes… I think many of you will take note, as who doesn’t like a looped walk/cycle  ( followed by cake I hear you ask?).

So where is this loop?

So you follow the instructions from last time here. Instead of turning left to head to Coole Park( for cake: ) ) you turn right, and head over the bridge.

Out of a practical point of view. I would recommend you first do the Mini-Greenway, as most of it is downhill. However If you are looking to strengthen your quads, best do it anti-clockwise. ( Did you know your quads are your strongest muscles ?)

Once you come to the main road, cross it, and within a short distance you will see an arrow for the L85313 to your left

Arrow on the main Road


Arrow on the main Road

Image of arrow for L85311

Arrow for L85313

Take that turn and as you walk down the hill your view will be like this!

View on the L85313


L85313 Road ( view as coming from Kinincha)

L85313 grazing cows


Grazing cows L85313

As you walk on this road, you will see a sign for Gort’s Golden Mile!

Image of Gort Golden Mile sign

Gort’s Golden Mile & connection with the mini-greenway

The road surface changes to a dirt track. If you were on bikes you could cycle, but dismounting your bike for a short while may work better. This track is about a mile and is beautiful as you can see from the pictures below.

Dirt Track
Stone walls Gort’s Golden Mile
Gort’s Golden Mile
Gort’s Golden Mile
Gort’s Golden Mile( view coming from Kinincha)

As your walk progress, you’ll come to the end of the road, with a beautiful thatched cottage on your left.

Image of a thatched Cottage on Kinincha Road


Thatched Cottage Kinincha Road

Stop for a moment and listen, you’ll hear the river flowing ahead of you. It’s currently NOT safe to descend to the river there, but there are (big) plans for a river walk in Gort.


Gort’s Golden Mile & the river in the back ground.

The only way to go is right, heading back to Gort, the river flowing to your left.  This road is tarmacked.

As you walk on that road, you will find the Planning application for a Gas Bio Plant on your right. To find out more about this Bio Plant, check out a very detailed article on why the location of the proposed site is not suitable.

Image of Site Notice Gort Bio Gas Plant

Site Notice Gort Bio Gas Plant
Proposed site for Bio Gas Plant
Proposed site for Bio Gas Plant

You’ll walk past access to farmland on your left, which , if you head that way, brings you to a fence .

If you venture past the fence, make sure you close it, as cattle/horses are kept there from time to time, so be careful. Once in the field, if you head straight, you will see/hear the river. I was there not so long ago during a weekly walk of the Kinincha Road and I was taken by its beauty as you can see from the pictures below.


Track leading to Farm Gate

Anyway, back to the Kinincha Road:)

As I was doing the walk in September, there were blueberries, slow berries, Rosehip and so much more blooming, it was amazing.

Kinincha Road
Kinincha Road
Kinincha Road
Kinincha Road
Kinincha Road

You will see a plant on the left which I am guessing is some kind of a depot for salt( or something else – I have no idea) and further down the Waste Water recycling plant.

From then on, for a split moment, you are away from busy Gort and walking on a country road with country views!

Once you are the bottle banks, you are nearly back to where you started, the Lidl Car Park. Who knew:) You can then head into Gort for cake:)

You could also do a looped walk, starting at Lidl, go straight, take a left at the cottage, go straight, and when you come to the main road, take a left road( you are now on the old main road ) and head back to Gort( which is in fact the walk I did). I took some pictures on my way back to Gort, I particularly liked the horse that comes over to say hello:).  If you do the looped walk, it’s another way of getting your 10 000 steps. The looped walk is just under 5 km.



As a  side note, there is ( unfortunately) still a lot of dumping on the Kinincha Road, and I have passed on the pictures to the council. I am hopeful that, once the council installs proper CCTV, it will stop the dumping.


PS. Check out below drone video of the walk!

Drone view of Gort’s Golden mile by David Murray Check out this blog

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  1. Lovely article Katleen 🙂 I grew up beside this walkway and know it very well. My sisters and I used this walk all the time as a shortcut to get into town. It is locally known as the ‘Pound Road’.

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