Fundraise via Idonate or Facebook?

Fundraising via Facebook or Idonate – what works best?


At the end of April I saw an ad on Facebook to raise funds for Cycle Against Suicide. As I have been cycling pretty much every day, I thought I’d give it a go. The aim was to raise 500 Euros and cycle 670 km by the end of May. Funds will then be used to train somebody in my community to become a buddy to help someone vulnerable.


Questions is now what works best, fundraising via Facebook or Idonate?

Fundraising via Idonate

When I signed up for the fundraiser for Cycle Against Suicide , an Idonate account was set up for me straight away. I shared my fundraiser on Social media (Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin), and got a few donations. 

I was then able to provide updates on my specific fundraiser. The update field allows for text and image.

Update fields Idonate Fundraiser

I downloaded the very handy App on my mobile and add images to the gallery that turn into a slideshow.

If you use any of the mainstream fitness trackers, you can connect them so your supporters can see exactly how many kilometres you have cycled! I use FitBit and that connects to Strava - so I didn't have to keep track of how many kilometres I cycled. I am not entirely sure that it is always accurate, as on a few occasions I had cycled, and it took a while for the numbers to update.

Stats I donate Fudr

Funds Raised : 140 Euros

Click here to donate via Idonate.

Fundraising via Facebook/Instagram 

Fundraising as an individual

I then noticed equally I could fundraise directly via Facebook and Instagram. Facebook takes no fee,  I thought I’d do the two, and see what works best. Once I set up the fundraiser on Facebook, it was very easy to invite friends, share updates and also see the progress % and funds raised. As you can see I raised 600 Euros, where 26 people donated! Thank you! 

Facebook Fundraiser cycleagainstsuicide

Click here to donate on Facebook  as an individual

Fundraising as a page on Facebook

One of the days I posted an image on Instagram on my mobile and this image goes to my Facebook page. There is an option then to attach a fundraiser to the image on the page, so I selected Cycle Against Suicide - ending up with a SECOND Facebook fundraiser, this time on a page.

I didn't find that scenario as easy as fundraising as an individual, as it seems to create a separate fundraiser per post, so wouldn't recommend that!

Funds Raised : 70 Euros

Click here to donate on Facebook ( goes to fundraiser as an individual)

Facebook page Fundraiser Cycle Against Suicide


Instagram offers the option to fundraise. Attaching the fundraiser on Instagram was easy, and it says on your profile for 30 days . 

Neither Facebook or Instagram have an option to link it to your fitness tracker.

Instagram Fundraiser

Fund raised : 80 Euros

Click here to donate via Instagram

The Verdict?

Fundraising via Idonate or Facebook, what works best? On this occasion, Facebook fundraising wins, hands-down! Facebook does recommend you invite 270 friends and provide updates.  I am quite active on Facebook and have a lot of Facebook friends so that may explain why the Facebook Fundraiser took off faster than the IDonate!

The moment I provided updates with pictures of my cycle adventures and thanked donors for their donation, donations started to come in from friends around the world and also local people that “ know” me from Facebook.

Some of my friends didn't like donating via Facebook or Instagram, and preferred to donate via Idonate so definately a channel not to ignore!

How much have I raised so far?

As of Today 24th  of May In,  I have raised 890 Euros in total for Cycle Against Suicide. Thank you very much for your support!!

140    Euro via Idonate     

670  Euro via Facebook  

80     Euro via Instagram 

I have set myself a target to raise another 310 Euros by the end of May so 3 people can get trained to become a buddy!

How far have I cycled?

I have cycled just over 180km - I know already I will not meet the target of cycling 670 km!

Thank you for your support on your preferred channel:) & sharing this post!


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