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Making plans to go for a cycle this May Bank Holiday? Let me give you 5 loops you can cycle/walk in the Burren Lowlands. Support my fundraiser for #CycleAgainstSuicide #ShareTheLoadOnTheRoad  I am also planning a community cycle from Woodford to Flagmount – if you are interested in this, sign up here to get updates.  Join the Gort Cycle Trails Facebook group here.

Mary’s Walk Peterswell

Mary’s Walk Peterswell – 5 Kms —  Peterswell is approximately 10 Kms from Gort and has a number of walking loops and cycle trails( OK, the higher up you go, the more muscle power you need) I mapped Mary’s walk a while back! Mary’s Walk does have a few hills, so if you are cycling, I recommend you do the cycle clockwise ( I walk some of it where the hills are too taxing), but very doable… Beautiful country views on very quiet roads. Instructions here.

Gort’s Mini-Greenway

Gort’s Mini -Greenway – 5 kms ( one way)—  This is a hidden treasure that very few people know about – a very safe way to cycle or walk into Coole Park from Gort! Walk or cycle into Coole Park and reward yourself with your favourite tea/coffee, delicious sandwiches and cake at Coole Park Tea-Rooms ( I’ll have one of their rocky roads any day – tell them I sent you) Instructions here.

Sean Bingham Mausoleum Ardrahan 

Sean Bingham Mausoleum Adrahan – 10 km — Also this is a little treasure I’d recommend you check out… It’s a gentle cycle, starting from Labane ( or you can start from Ardrahan). Bring a picnic to eat at the picnic table and enjoy the views. Instructions here. If you are looking for a longer cycle, check out the Adrahan Drumharsna Castle and Old Mile Stones Bikeride here.

Thoor Ballylee to Gort RiverWalk Via Kiltartan Gregory Museum

Skehanagh -ThoorBallylee – Gort River Walk – Kiltartan Gregory Museum Loop – 20 Km  This is a very nice cycle/walk on (mostly very quiet scenic roads) from Thoor Ballylee into Gort via the Gort River Walk. It would make a great day out, take your time, enjoy a picnic at the Gort River Walk, at Thoor Ballylee or at Kiltartan Gregory Museum. Instructions here.

Join my Facebook Group Gort Cycling Trails and let me know if you cycled or walked any of the trails, what you thought about them, and if there are other cycle trails that should be mapped in the #burrenlowlands 

For a full list of #SafeCycleTrails  and maps I have mapped so far, click here. I have done a lot of cycling in the last few weeks, and will be adding a number of new loops shortly!

Gort Cycle Trails raising funds for #CycleAgainstSuicide

I am currently raising funds for #CycleAgainstSuicide to raise 500 Euros to train someone in the community to become a buddy. The Community buddy programme trains and equips participants with the practical, hands-on skills and knowledge they need to deliver support to those in mental health distress in their local communities.  Donations can be made via Idonate , Facebook and Instagram or simply click on the below image !

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