Custom Charges And Post

Custom Charges with An Post

Custom Charges 

How are you all keeping?? It’s been a long 18 months since Covid hit us!  Remember Brexit ??? Yup, that’s still going on as well, and with that, all those pesky scam calls and texts( how did they get my details, who made a fast buck with my details!!)

So far I hadn’t gotten stung with an unexpected bill. This changed the other day when I received a postcard from An Post letting me know there were Custom charges to be paid on a parcel – not a text message, not a phone call.

It took me a while to figure out what it was I had ordered, and then I finally remembered, it was a  photobook. I have ordered from them before, so was a bit surprised that I had to pay these charges. Anyway, I paid up online as I was quite proud I had succeeded to make a photo album of our yearly InishBofin Trip. 


Picture of Photobook

I wrote them a little message to let them know I hadn’t quite expected the “extra” charges. They were apologetic and refunded the extra charges. 

What did I learn?

Ignore all those pesky text messages- don’t respond to them, simply delete or even better block the sender. If it’s coming by regular post, you’ll get a postcard with the bad news – it will have details on how to pay, and once paid, you’ll get your parcel.

If you hadn’t expected these custom charges, drop an email to the company, many companies are still implementing the new rules or An Post is still catching up getting the right rules in place.

Greetings from Peterswell,




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