Katleen and David in a whiskey Barrel filled with Seaweed and hot water

Visit to the WildAtlanticSeaWeedBaths

Hi all,

Today’s post is about our visit to the WildAtlanticSeaWeedbaths!

If you are looking for Gort Cycle Trails, check out this link, with loops I have mapped in the Burren Lowlands.

We drove out to NewTownLynch Pier in Kinvara on Saturday– instructions below. It was a most beautiful day!

If you are familiar with Traught Beach, you’ll be heading the same way, until there is a fork, just before the Travellers’ rest.  Take the left fork and keep to your right, until you come to a bend. Take the (small) road to the right, that brings you to the Pier.

Picture of people sitting in a whiskey barrel


Tell me more about WildAtlanticSeaWeedBaths

It’s a mobile business that sets up around the Western SeaBoard, check out the WildAtlanticSeaWeedBaths website here. They use Whiskey barrels also referred to as baths and fill them with lovely heated Ocean water, seaweed is added. A real treat to your skin and your mind!

How to arrange WildatlanticSeaWeedBaths

As this is a mobile business, you’ll have to join their email /text message service here or follow their social media pages here Facebook Instragram , where they advise where they are setting up next. Spots go every quickly – so once you get a notification, I  recommend you act fast to secure your spot!

Okay, how much does a visit to the WildAltanticSeaWeedBaths cost?

It’s 40 Euros for one person, to be paid online. If there is a second person, you can pay an additional 20 Euros cash. Yes, two people fit in the barrel. More info here 

How long is the visit to the WildAtlanticSeaWeedBaths?

Each visit is 1 hour  – if the water in the whiskey barrel cools town, you can ask for a top up!

What to bring for your visit to the WildAtlanticSeaWeedBaths

The day we visited, the weather was dry and wind still, so all we needed to bring was a towel and a swimsuit. A while back we also went for a visit to the WildAtlanticSeaWeedbaths. It was one hell of a windy, cold day.. some people obviously had done this before and had brought a dressing gown and a hat! So it all depends on the weather really:) 

Would you recommend a visit to the WildAtlanticSeaWeedBaths

Yes! Absolutely! It’s such a treat, overlooking beautiful scenery, immersed in hot water.. you really don’t want to leave. It would also make a great gift as it’s quite a unique experience! I am already planning our next trip!

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