Lot’s of job announcements and a bit of kitesurfing!

Hello all,

Just last week there was a spate of job announcements!!

Mylan  (pharmaceuticals)(both in Dublin and Galway) will be expanding their operations  by 550
( 220 of which in Galway) by 2016.

Apple ( in Cork) plans to construct a three-storey office block next to its existing plant in the city, adding 500 jobs!This will cater for the expansion of its business in Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa.Apple has been in Cork for 30 years. It currently employs 2,800 people in the city and its business is booming.

This means that Apple will have 3,300 employees, which is nearly as much as Intel has in Leixlip!
As this expansion also involves a new building, it is estimated another 200 construction jobs will be created, which will be a welcome boost for those in the construction business!
You can check out the current Apple vacancies in Cork here.

To go to back to the Mylan jobs in Galway, as I live in Galway, I automatically assumed that the Mylan jobs would be in/around Galway City, but it’s only when I researched where they are located in Galway, I realise that those jobs are going to be in Inverin, which is not in the city at all, and is located about 25 minutes outside of the city. Inverin has a very small airport  that has flights to the Aran Islands.

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Bioniche Pharma,Kilroe East,Inverin,Co. Galway, Ireland
Email: careers_bioniche@mylan.com  Phone: +353 91 593202
You can check out the Mylan Jobs in Galway here.

So that was that on the job front! 

On a slightly lighter note, I decided to head to the beach on Saturday, as it was sunny( but very windy as you’ll hear in the videos). The beach nearest to us is in Kinvara, and is called Traught Beach.
To check out the location of all Galway beaches, click here

There was very few people at the beach, but my boys were all excited as there were these huge kites in the sky! (I thought to myself, where would you get those??)
But then I realised they weren’t just kites, they were kites used to do kite surfing with!
I took some footage, you’ll see the first clip is the getting ready , and the the rest is  actual kite surfing in the ocean. Maybe when the kids are a little bit older (I was told at least 10 or probably better 12) they can take classes.. You can check out more information about Kite surfing here.

Greetings from Galway!

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