Titanic disaster, 100 years have passed & Opening of Titanic Quarters in Belfast

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As the Easter break draws to an end ( and the sunshine has returned!) , the media here in Ireland is full of Titanic reports, as it’s 100 years ago  that R.M.S. Titanic sunk. A Titanic memorial was unveiled in Belfast today. The names of the dead, from all classes on the doomed liner, are engraved in alphabetical order on five bronze plaques.
There was a great documentary yesterday, where the film maker James Cameron sat down with a variety of naval engineers, to analyse how realistic the film was in relation to what supposedly happened 100 years ago. 
There was some debate about the angle  that Titanic rose to before it broke in two, it seems that in the movie the top part of the main part  broke at a  higher angle than in reality. ( You can read a thorough discussion here ), and some discrepancy on the colour of the of firework( in the movie it was bright white). Some of the unused recovered fireworks all had colours near the top of the canisters, so that was another difference. However, he commented he would not be remaking the movie because of those differences! Another discepancy, like what stars were visible when Kate Winslet is hanging on driftwood has been changed in the newly released 3D version.
Titanic was equipped with a Marconi Wireless installation, that enabled Titanic to communicate /send messages to other ships/outside world and ultimately helped to save the survivors.
 It was only when I was reading about Marconi, I realise that he was born to an Italian father and an Irish  mother! He was a real entrepreneur, but when he was unable to get funding for his very new ideas on wireless communication, he moved to England and subsequently to the USA.
You can listen to an interpretation of the morse code here that was created by the BBC.
As I wrote in one of my posts last year , Things to do in Belfast, they were busy building the Titanic Quarter in Belfast. This has been completed now, and is a great attraction to visit in Northern Ireland.
The newly opened Titanic Belfast® is an unmissable visit in any tour of
Northern Ireland. It is located in the heart of Belfast, on the slipways
where RMS Titanic was built. Inside this iconic building, visitors will re-live the entire Titanic story from her birth in Belfast to the fateful maiden voyage and her eventual discovery on the seabed.
I strongly recommend  you book your tickets on line,  as there has been in influx of visitors and there have been days they were booked out . If you click here, you’ll get a 5% discount( not sure if this will last).
Here is just a selection of  some other  Titanic resources:
http://www.titanic1.org/ – the oldest Titanic Historical Society

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