A picnic bench with a view : Dromore Woods in Co. Clare

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Last weekend has been a very eventful weekend as it was the first holy Communion of our youngest son Alex. This  also meant we had a few extra people in the house, as both my parents and one of my brothers came over from Belgium and David’s parents came over from Northern Ireland. The weather had been absolutely awful on Friday, and I was dreading Saturday afternoon, as we were doing a BBQ at the back of our house. When we were last at Dromore Woods, I spotted a picnic bench with a view and wanted to share this experience with the grandparents.

Somehow the weather turned sunny and warm, and we had a great time sitting outside, kids playing in the garden, enjoying the sun, food and each other company. We could not have been more lucky! Around 6 it started to rain, but at that stage we were inside.

The next day we ventured to Galway to do some shopping, and got absolutely drenched in a downpour.

I had taken the day off on Monday and wanted to take both sets of parents to  a nature reserve  in Co, Clare that I love called Dromore Woods. I previously wrote about it before in this entry. I started to prepare a large picnic in the morning as there was 7 of us! It was very windy and wintry showers, and I was starting to think  we’d end up eating the sandwiches in the car if the weather did not improve!
Seemingly the weather gods were on our side, as once I pulled up at the reserve it was very sunny!!

We went for the Castle Trail. It ‘s just under 3 kms and a good part of the walk is beside the water. I still think it’s one of the most beautiful walks I have done, surrounded by nature, Ok, I admit, the beautiful weather most definately boosted the experience, as everything just looks in technicolour. Below are some pictures I took.

The park ranger is very helpful, and I think he must have one of the better views out of his window when he starts work!


A well set up display of wildlife and information about fauna and Flora in the area.


It’s not quite the bridge over the River Kwai, but to me it’s very special bridge, and the view over the water and the ruins of the castle is breathtaking.

The Castle Trail walk has a few picnic benches, but there is one particular bench (after reference point 7) that is worth waiting for, as it is a bit sheltered and gives you a wonderful view over the water.
Below is an image of both sets of grandparents and the kids!

Picture of my parents.

Picture of David’s parents.

Picture of us all, Alex took the picture.

And this is the view from the picnic bench- I LOVE IT

We then packed up, and walked the rest of the walk, back to the car park..
Guess what, by the time we left, it started to rain…

So glad I was able to share this wonderful place with my parents and David’s parents!

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