Things to do when visiting the Burrenlowlands – Coole Park & Sundial

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As I am writing this the sun has just set, and it has been one of those days you didn’t quite expect in October, but grateful to make the best use of the time! I hear there is a heatwave in LA, I guess we are have a “temporary- weekend” heatwave in the West of Ireland, though maybe it can still be classed as our Indian Summer, all by it a little late in the year! ( I reckon we were owed some nice weather after the below apar July and August)

Temperature gage

Very late Indian Summer in the West of Ireland, 11th of October

We headed to Coole Park, which is a nature reserve a short drive from the house. We are no strangers to Coole Park, and have written about Coole Park before here and here . I added the below maps to give you an idea where Coole Park is located, so you know how to get there by car.

How to get to Coole Park from Galway:

How to get from Shannon to Coole Park:

The walks are fabulous at Coole Park, and a great way to stretch your legs and clear your mind! Dogs are welcome, but need to be kept onto a lead.

Check out the Sun Dial in the walled garden, which is a fun way to find out the time.

Guess the time!

Can you guess the time we were in the park? Answers on my Facebook page please:)

Coole Park Sun Dial

I am currently working to add details  of recruiting companies in the technology and medical sector in Galway. There are two maps you can consult, here is the technology one, and this is the Medical one. If you are thinking of moving to Galway and want to have a heads up who is recruiting, follow my blog and you’ll find out!

Have a great day, wherever you are:)

Katleen & the gang


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