Flaggy Shore Co. Clare, Ireland

Walking the Flaggy Shore in NewQuay Co. Clare

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Walking the Flaggy Shore

This time I headed out to nearby Co. Clare to walk on the Flaggy Shore. If you like what you read, please share or why not follow me on Facebook.

Looking for a walk to clear your head, walk the 10 000 steps you had committed to in your new years resolution? Check out the below walk or cycle at the Flaggy Shore in Co. Clare

We are just back from a walk at the very popular Flaggy Shore in Co. Clare., bordering Co. Galway.

How to to get to the Flaggy Shore ?

To get to the Flaggy Shore, you’ll drive on the well established Wild Atlantic Way, passing through picturesque Kinvara.

When we were driving through Kinvara there were road resurfacing works going on. It just made me realize the roads are pretty narrow, especially with the tour buses. Drive carefully( and on the left!!)

The Flaggy Shore is one side of a small peninsula that stretches from the village of New Quay to Finvarra Point, and is one of the most northerly parts of County Clare. Famous for its limestone pavements and fossils that are embedded in the rock, including sculptured rocks along the shore called ‘Biokarst’. Backdrop of rising undulating landscape of the Burren Hills. The shore itself is most beautiful but what makes the Flaggy Shore so distinctive is, wonderful the views to the west and north to Galway Bay and the mountains beyond.

It’s about an hour’s drive from Galway city, 90 minutes from Shannon airport and a 4 hour’s drive from Dublin. All I can say, it’s worth it!

It has been a while since we were here last, so it was great to see the new signs for the Wild Atlantic Way.

Flaggy Shore Sign
Wild Atlantic Way sign for the Flaggy Shore

We definitely weren’t alone there either, the car park was packed with cars, and plenty of people walking, kids on bikes, roller skates, it reminded me of walking the promenade in Salthill, only difference was that we were in Co. Clare! I am guessing it’s very busy in the summer months! ( We were there early January!)

Here is a few images I took as we walked from the Cark Park to just past the lake. As you can see the weather was just amazing, and we truly enjoyed the views and the sea air. Its’s always pretty windy there, so we were very grateful we brought hats, gloves and a scarf to keep us warm!

The Beach at the Flaggy Shore, Co. Clare, West of Ireland
View over the Beach at the Flaggy Shore
View over the Atlantic at the Flaggy shore. If only you could smell the fresh sea air!!

As we walked we a saw a sign for Linnalla Ice cream parlour. Unfortunately, we turned back just a little too early, and didn’t get to sample their famous ice cream. To wet your appetite, check out his video ! There is always next time:)

We walked for about 2,5 kms, and turned back just after the lake. There was also a house that looked like it may have been a schoolhouse in a previous life. The Martello Tower was in view. Next time we are bringing the bikes !

View over the Flaggy Shore on the return journey

Can’t wait to go again, with the bikes, explore the Martello tower and of course sample the Linnala Icecream.

Greetings from Peterswell in the Burren Lowlands.


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  1. Thank you for the article. I will now get up off the chair and bring the dogs for a walk along the Flaggy Shore! From David in Ardrahan

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