Labane to Bingham Mausoleum in Adrahan looped cycle

Time to map a new safe cycle in the are of the Burren Lowlands !Check out previous such as the Gort Mini Greenway, Gorts Golden Mile , Mary’s walk in Peterswell, walking the Flaggy Shore and the Cahermurphy Looped walk. I created a separate Facebook group “Gort Cycle Trails” Come join!

Today I’ll be bringing you from Labane to the Bingham Mausoleum in Adrahan and back. COVID-19’s silver lining has been that I needed to stay local, and instead of driving into work everyday and cycling the last 5 kms , I have been staying home and doing my #dailycle in my area! As it happens there are some really beautiful country cycles /walks, including the Labane to the Bingham Mausoleum Looped Cycle. Click on the + sign to make the map more detailed. The cycle is just below 6 kms, and is easy to cycle.

What is a Mausoleum?

Now before I continue, let me explain what a Mausoleum is ! Wikepedia tells me following:

A mausoleum is an external free-standing building constructed as a monument enclosing the interment space or burial chamber of a deceased person or people. A monument without the interment is a cenotaph. A mausoleum may be considered a type of tomb, or the tomb may be considered to be within the mausoleum.

Googling a bit further, I found a book published in 1975 about Mausoleums in Ireland Craig, Maurice. “Mausoleums in Ireland.” Studies: An Irish Quarterly Review, vol. 64, no. 256, 1975, pp. 410–423. JSTOR, Accessed 14 June 2020.

Reading through the book, the Burren Lowlands has its fair share of Mausoleums, a few new ones I’d like to explore, and I think there is even one that is not featured in the book, namely the Gregory Mausoleum ( That’s for another time:) )

Cycle from Labane to Bingham Mausoleum

I started from the Higgins Petrol Station in Labane to stock up on a few snacks and the Sunday Times. If you are travelling to the area, you can leave your car there or park up in Ardrahan. There is usually plenty of space.

Picture of my bike in front of Higgins Centra in Labane, Co. Galway
Getting a few snack before heading off

Leaving the petrol station, it’s only a short cycle to the cemetery. Take a right there. It’s a an easy cycle until there is a bit of a hill:)

view of the bottom of the hill on the cycle to the Bingham Mausoleum
This is at the bottom of the hill:)
Bike parked in front of the Caher Cre and Mausoleum sign
Sign for Caher Cre Church and Mausoleum
Road leading to Mausoleum
Road leading to Caher Cre Church and (Bingham) Mausoleum

The Entrance to Caher Cre Church and Mausoleum

The entrance to Caher Cre Church and Mausoleum is right behind the blue gate ! If you are by car, drive a little bit further and there is an area just around the corner where you can park – it’s very small, and a coach for example could not in there.

bike parked in front of blue gate leading to Mausoleum and church

If you brought a snack or a packed lunch, take a seat at the picnic table.

Picnic Area at Bingham Mausoleum at Gregclare Demesne, Ardrahan
Take a seat at the picnic table and enjoy the view


Caher Cre Church
Caher Cre Church
History board
History Board
Side Gable Caher Cre Church
Gable View
inside Caher Cre Church
Inside Caher Cre Church
looking into the window of Caher Cre Church
Looking into the window of the church
Entrance to the Mausoleum
Entrance to the Mausoleum
I love the detail of the door!

Mausoleum to Ardrahan

Continue your journey on a windy road with lovely country views, passing a sign on your right for O’Neills Holiday homes with a turn to the left(you’ll see a dead end sign for the right turn). You then arrive at the top of the road. Take a left into the direction of Ardrahan.

Top of the road

This is the only part of the journey which is on a fairly narrow road and can be busy with cars, so be very mindful. It’s only a short stretch of road, and before you know you are approaching Adrahan.

Approaching Adrahan Village

You will see the GAA Grounds on your left.

GAA Ardrahan

Ardrahan Village

You have now arrived in Ardrahan Village! Check out some of the images I took there. If you are starting your cycle from here, you can park your car here. Why not call into the Irish Fibe Crafters and have a look at their latest weaving creations or take a break on the bench:)

The Square at Ardrahan
The Square at Ardrahan
Irish Fibre Crafters at Adrahan
Irish Fibre Crafters in Ardrahan
Information board about Ardrahan in the Burren Lowlands
The Old Garda Station in the background and bus shelter

Heading back to Labane

It’s now only a short cycle back to Labane, part of this road has already been marked as a cycle lane, I would love to have a full cycle lane from Ardrahan to Gort marked… One day..

Cycle lane back to Labane
Cycle back from Ardrahan to Labane

If you know of a safe cycle trail in the Burren Lowlands, share it in my my Facebook group here!

Happy, safe cycling!


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  1. Thanks for this route just want to mention the Cregclare mausoleum was a heritage conservation project carried out in 2000 with aide from Galway coco, the heritage council and a dedicated. Local committee

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